Evangelia & Nick

I don’t even know where to begin with Adina. She is absolutely amazing and worth every penny. Using her services was 100% money well spent. In the months leading up to the wedding, during every meeting with Adina, she was a pleasure to speak with and was willing to do anything to make my day the way I wanted it. On the day of, she was there ready to tackle any situation. My aunt’s skirt ripped, there was Adina with a sewing kit. My friend’s phone died, there was Adina with a charger. The limo company gave us an issue, there was Adina with her no-nonsense attitude to handle the situation. I’m sure other things went wrong but I didn’t even know about them because Adina was there to solve every issue. Having her on the day of my wedding made my day so enjoyable because I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. She coordinated everything with the vendors and the venue. She made sure my timeline was followed. She made sure my day was absolutely perfect and I could never thank her enough for that. She is FANTASTIC at what she does and I am so so happy I used her services. I would 100% recommend her to anyone planning a wedding. You may think you don’t need a bridal planner, but trust me, you need Adina in your life.

Jennifer & Justin

OH MY GOD! I don’t know where to begin. From the second we met Adina she made us feel at ease. She is a LIFESAVER. Put it this way, hire Adina and your day will be a dream, a breeze where you’re not stressed because she’s got it passed under control!! My family and bridal party raves about how amazing she is. She went out of her way a day before my wedding to make everything extra special with the passing of my grandfather only two days before my wedding. Adina added personaltouches, photos of my grandfather for our bouquets, corsages, and pockets. She made a memorial basket with my grandfathers favorite candy. She is out of this world, fixing dress clasps 20 minutes before ceremony, decorating the whole place to my vision, feeding everyone tic tacs and offering coffees morning of. I can’t even express all of the big and little things Adina does and will do for you on your day. Adina spends hours mastering your wedding details with you and your fiancé in person. And don’t worry, should any vendor or anything become an issue, she is 100% ON IT!! She truly makes your wedding, “A Perfect Day”. I can’t thank her enough. Not kidding you will fall in love with her!!

Megan & Harvey

On our wedding day, Harvey and I experienced some hiccups that could have caused mayhem to ensue, but instead, we had an incredible person guiding us through our day. She took care of EVERYTHING. When my flowers arrived at my mom’s house, they were almost all fire-engine red and not what I wanted at all. She was instantly on the phone and had two employees come ASAP to fix every single bouquet from the trunk of their car. Then, after ensuring every bouquet was exactly how I wanted it to look, she made it to the church to set up the decorative details we envisioned to walk down the aisle, all while dealing with the limousine that broke down on it’s way to pick up the guys. Once the church ceremony concluded, she immediately drove to our reception venue to make sure every detail was properly set there. It wasn’t. Upon her arrival, there was next to nothing set up, so she raced to set up all of the decorations we worked so hard on. She made it look exactly how we pictured it. She is professional, detail-oriented, calming, and driven. To say this woman was invaluable on the day of our wedding is an understatement. She not only was our wedding planner, but she became our good friend as well. She is essential for your most special day.

Christine & Joe

There really are no words to describe how wonderful Adina is. Throughout the whole wedding planning process she was always there to answer any questions I had and shared her professional opinions on everything. She is organized, kind, caring and extremely helpful in every way. She is great at what she does and it just shines right through! The day of our wedding was so smooth and I credit all of it to Adina. Not once did I have to worry about anything and I felt SO good in knowing that she was there. I can't name one thing that went wrong and if it did I never heard about it. From organizing everything in my hotel room on the day of (I had 11 girls in my room getting ready!), bringing everything you could ever imagine with her (pieces for my heels so they didn't sink into the ground, a steamer for the girls dresses, sewing kit for when a button popped on one of the guys shirts, pins for my bouquet, oil pads to touch up my face at the end of the night... I could go on and on) and just always being there one step ahead of everything. It seemed that anytime I needed anything she was right there. My maid of honor and family and friends also enjoyed their time at my wedding because of Adina! No one had to worry about all of these little (and big!) things because she was there. She gave everyone piece of mind and made us all so relaxed. My husband and I could be fully present on our day because she was there and that is probably the greatest gift you can have on your wedding day. Thank you Adina for being so wonderful and thinking of everything for us! We could never thank you enough!!! I don't know how anyone does this without Adina! Having Adina on your day is the best thing you could do!